Unkooth Youth | Lake Tahoe, CA |(530) 544-7727

About Us

3595779_origUKY is a home based company that makes cool and comfyclothing and accessories for all to enjoy. We strive to make awesome, quality products, and keep it real, while cultivating a healthy and successful UKY brand name. At the moment we have beanies, sunglasses, bandanas, hoodies and new hats and T’s on the way.

If you want to know how we started, it’s plain and simple; we’re just ordinary people inspired to create and supply extraordinary apparel, along with some good times. UKY started out of boredom and a creative hair up the butt and, UKY has evolved from spray painting on hats and tinkering with old sewing machines to a full-blown apparel and accessories line. In fact, most of the hoodies and bandanas are one-of-a kind! And that, my friend, is priceless. Operating out of South Lake Tahoe, California, UKY is completely family owned and funded. Therefore, the more awesomely unique product you buy, the more scrilla we get, and the cooler the merchandise we can produce for you. UKY: Get Some!

Although we are family owned, operated, and funded, UKY would not be where it is today without everyone who has helped out along the way: the metaphorical family. We’d like to shout out to all our friends who advanced UKY out of the kindness of their hearts and dedicated passion to make something awesome. From photographers to product testers, models to web designers, writers and reporters to marketing and public relations.